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Aire Fragrance Oil 10mL - Vanilla & Spice

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Vanilla & Spice

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Infuse your home and enhance your mood with our Aire fragrance oil blend in vanilla & spice. Made with Australian fragrance oils, this decadent gourmand blend combines deep, warm dessert like vanilla aromas with bright and spicy undertones. Use with our Aire electronic diffuser for the complete aromatherapy experience.
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Range: AIRE

SKU: 53201

Brand: Salt&pepper

Features & Benefits

Made with Australian fragrane oils and come in a range of beautiful fragrance combinations. For use in the Aire Electronic Diffuser or oil burners, Aire Fragrance Oils will subtly infuse your home with a beautiful scent. Presented in an attractive amber glass bottle and thoughtfully giftboxes.

Care Instructions

Place essential oils out of reach of children and pets, and away from any other electrical appliances; When using a diffuser, avoid power cable from hanging free to prevent any accidents like tripping; Do not apply undiluted oil to your skin. If your skin comes in contact with the oils, wash off with water immediately. Consult a doctor if irritation occurs; Do not swallow the essential oils. If swallowed seek medical help immediately; Ensure the oil does not get into your eyes. Should it happen, wash your eyes immediately with water. Consult a doctor should irritation persist; If you feel unwell while using the product, turn off the device immediately; Pregnant women, elderly people, young children or people with chronic diseases may be more sensitive to the scent. If they feel unwell, stop using immediately; Observe and follow the expiration date of the essential oils.