Turning houses into homes

At salt&pepper, we are creators of homewares and décor accessories that go beyond functionality. They bring joy and create memories! We believe in the power of small touches to turn a house into a home and bring soul to every corner. Shop our range of homewares products online or in-store and welcome a taste of salt&pepper into your home.

Find your scent!

Unwind and let your senses travel around the world with Wanderlust!

Inspired by the heart and soul of your favourite travel destinations, our Wanderlust candles and diffusers will have you reminiscing about fun-filled days on the slopes in Aspen, sun-kissed vineyards in Tuscany, and even sipping cocktails on the world’s best beach in Brazil!

Wanderlust Diffuser 300mL - Tuscany
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Wanderlust Diffuser 300mL - Chelsea
$44.95 $22.45 View Product
Wanderlust Candle with Lid 425g - Byron Bay
$49.95 $24.95 View Product
Wanderlust Candle with Lid 425g - Positano
$49.95 $24.95 View Product
Wanderlust Candle with Lid 425g - Paris
$49.95 $24.95 View Product
Wanderlust Diffuser 300mL - Maldives
$44.95 $22.45 View Product
Wanderlust Candle with Lid 425g - Tuscany
$49.95 $24.95 View Product
Wanderlust Diffuser 300mL - Aspen
$44.95 $22.45 View Product
Wanderlust Diffuser 300mL - Copacabana
$44.95 $22.45 View Product
Wanderlust Candle with Lid 425g - Chelsea
$49.95 $24.95 View Product
Wanderlust Candle with Lid 425g - Maldives
$49.95 $24.95 View Product
Wanderlust Diffuser 300mL - Positano
$44.95 $22.45 View Product

Shop by Room

A house is just four walls and a roof. But a home is made up of everything else inside.


Messes, microwavable meals, and culinary masterpieces–Kitchens really do it all! No matter if you’re a Michelin Star chef or baking enthusiast, create a kitchen worthy of all your cooking mishaps and triumphs.

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Dining Room

If dining rooms could talk, imagine the stories they could tell? Scan-da-lous! Whether you’re gossiping with your nearest and dearest over a much-needed Shiraz or venting after a long day, find comfort in the space of your dining room.

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Home Bar

Shaken or stirred? Be the ultimate entertainer all year long with a home bar even your bartender would want! Whether you’re a mixology novice or pro, find barware to make an easy Cosmopolitan to a complex Bloody Mary and everything in between.

Home Bar