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5 Glassware Trends You Need for Cocktail Night
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5 Glassware Trends You Need for Cocktail Night

These aren’t your mum’s tumblers. Well, not all of them. From tasteful mismatching to the return of coloured glass, we’re about to show you how to take your cocktail party styling from mundane to marvellous with the latest glassware trends, plus Grainshaker Australian Vodka and NED Australian Whisky recipes to match.

1. Mix-and-match your glassware

While you might be serving only one kind of cocktail, you don’t need to stick to one kind of glass. Think coupes coupled up with martini glasses or tumblers teamed with stemless wine glasses. Once you learn why certain drinks are served in certain glassware, you can really have some fun with the way you serve them.

Take the martini for example. This crisp classic is served in a martini glass because a wide, funnel-shaped opening exposes spirits to oxygen, enhancing their flavour while stopping the spirits from separating. It’s science. Smooth, unfiltered science.

So, really, you could serve a round of Espresso Martinis in coupes and martini glasses to get that bohemian mismatched look, while doing this tasty tipple justice. The key here is to make sure your glassware celebrates the sight, smell and taste of your drinks.

Strawberry & Lemon Thyme Pink Spritz served in Bond Surry Dispenser and Salut Wine Glasses

2. Make more of your martini glasses

The gorgeous martini glass isn’t just for martinis. There are plenty of other delicious drinks, dishes and desserts that can be presented in this impressive vessel. Prawn cocktails, parfaits or an aromatic Ned’s Manhattan, perhaps? This glass puts any and every recipe on a pedestal. All you need to do is experiment and elevate.

3. Covet coloured glass

Coloured glassware is back on the table in a big way. Keep it subtle with blush tones and sage green or dabble in something darker with smokey hues. Even transparent drinks, like our Strawberry and Lemon Thyme Pink Spritz, feel a little more fancy when served in a coloured tumbler. Talk about rose-tinted glasses.

4. Welcome the crystal comeback

Call it modern magic, but crystal glassware is back. Celebrating angular, geometric shapes, these durable designs add a dainty touch to everyday drinks and make the perfect glassware for party pitchers and cocktails galore. Seeking something a little special? Fix yourself a luxe Ned’s Old-Fashioned in a Winston tumbler and sip lavishly.

Cocktail served in Winston Wine Glasses

5. Pass the punch

This season, we’re welcoming the return of the party pitcher; cocktails served in drink dispensers, as decorated as the drinks themselves. Not only is this format great for thirsty crowds, it’s an impressive way to serve refreshments en masse, with refills on tap. Simply mix your cocktail, like this Minty Vodka Ricky Pitcher, in a Juice Jar then garnish with seasonal fruits, cucumber slices and mint leaves. Cheers!

Now that you’re a sophisticated host with an appreciation for fancy drinks in fancy glasses, you can really have fun with the format. Dial up the drama with a champagne tower. But, why stop there? Make it a life-sized martini glass! The world’s your oyster – bottoms up!



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