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Baking Basics: Using the Right Cake Tin

Baking Basics: Using the Right Cake Tin

When it comes to baking there is a lot that can go wrong.

We’ve all seen the numerous baking and cooking shows on TV these days. We know disaster is only moments away!

Even the home cooking pros suffer from collapsing cakes and overworked batter every now and again. And who hasn’t gotten teaspoons and tablespoons mixed up? What if we told you there is something you can never get wrong again — picking the right cake tin.

In fact, we reckon using the wrong cake tin might be responsible for many home baking disasters — trust us… we’ve been there!


Wattleseed and Chocolate Brownie cooked in Sunday Bake Square Pan


Types of Cake Tins

There are plenty of baking tins to choose from. Depending on if you’re a brownie fiend or tea cake connoisseur, make sure you pick a tin that fits what you like baking.

Square Baking Tin

For the masters of brownies and slices, a square baking tin is a must-have for any at-home baker. They are your go-to, fool proof choice!

Loaf Pan

These are for your heavier cakes, such as banana bread or babka. You can also bake loaves of bread in your loaf pan and they double as handy savoury baking tins. Talk about a multi-tasker!

Spring Form

These removable tins are perfect for delicate cheesecakes or soft sponges. Let’s be honest, we need all the help we can get with these fragile creations! They also work great for any recipes that require a crust, like tarts.

Muffin Tins

Who doesn’t love a muffin! They’re so easy to make, even the kids could do it. They can also be used to make a whole range of savoury snacks too. Zucchini muffin anyone?


Baked Cheesecake cooked in Sunday Bake Spring Form


Can You Swap Your Tins?

You might think that you can use the same cake tin interchangeably. I mean, 20cm and 22cm are pretty much the same right?

Well, not at all apparently! Who knew that it’s a massive 25% difference according to baker Alice Medich. So this might just be the reason why your cakes never rise...

This means that choosing the right cake pan is pretty essential to any baking success. If your pan is too big, it’ll burn and become dry. If your pan is too small, you either have to leave out some of that precious batter or risk it spilling over the top.

When you purchase your tins, choose a size that matches the recipes you cook. Take a minute and read over your go-to’s and get the tin size you use the most. Or if you’re a bit of a baking wizard, you can adjust the recipe.


Rustic Wholegrain Loaf baked in Sunday Bake Loaf Pan with Insert


Before You Begin

Don’t dive into baking straight away! Make sure you follow these steps before any bake.

Make sure you read the recipe

Okay, so we know this sounds obvious but exactly how many times have you had to grab the cake mix packet out of the bin! So when it comes to baking a recipe it is really important to familiarise yourself with each step. This also stops you from accidentally missing anything too.

Get all your ingredients ready

Don’t wait until you’re halfway through your recipe to find out you don’t have any baking soda in your cupboard. Being organised at the beginning of a bake makes a huge difference. Don’t waste time looking through the cupboards one-handed and mixing with the other! Get your baking accessories out now! Find that mixing bowl, spatula and measuring cups and other kitchen utensils you might need before you begin.

Line your tin and warm your oven

Yes we know this is often the first step but be honest, how often do we leave it to last? So this is your reminder — turn the oven on and line your baking tray now.

How To Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too!)

So you’ve done the hard part (baking) and now comes the easy part — eating it.

When it comes to serving up your cake you can’t go past a cake stand. Pair with some side plates, your favourite tea cup and saucer and there you go — afternoon tea sorted! You can invite around some friends… or just keep it all to yourself. We won’t tell.


Tart served in Salut Glass Cake Dome


There you go… baking accessories sorted. How are you feeling about baking now? Deep breaths, you’ve got this. Well, at least you have the right pan.



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