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How to Style Your Charcuterie Board

How to Style Your Charcuterie Board

Has there ever been a better way to catch up with friends than around the humble charcuterie board? Rhetorical question… we already know the answer!

Although the brilliant idea of plating up cheese and cured meats and calling it a meal has been around for a long time (we get it, who doesn’t love a cheese platter!) the modern charcuterie board has evolved. It has become shorthand to describe a delicious spread — we’re talking cheese, dips, deli meats, chutneys, nuts and fruits.

The greatest thing about charcuterie boards? Their versatility! They can work no matter your budget and event. Hit send on those invites! It’s time to make your best ever charcuterie spread.

We’ve rounded up the easiest styling tips to make your platter an Instagram worthy masterpiece and once you’ve given the board a go, you’ll be able to pull off your chef-d’œuvre — the grazing table!

Platter Up!

Every impressive charcuterie board starts off with a show-stopping platter.

It’s hard to go past the look and feel of a classic round wooden serving board or paddle. Maybe it ignites our hunter-gather instincts? It’s a great look that makes your spread really stand out.

If you're entertaining more than a couple of guests then try a tiered cheese board or stand. They make the most out of your space and let you create a seriously professional looking antipasto platter. Just make sure you keep light foodstuffs at the top. Cutting into your favourite camembert or getting stuck into the delicious goat’s cheese should be an effortless affair!

Hosting your party outside? Maybe even having a picnic? Why not keep those pesky bugs away with a glass domed platter. They’ll keep your nibbles fresh and add a whole heap of visual interest — we do eat with our eyes after all! You can never really have too many serving boards and platters anyway.

Cheese served on Fromage Cheese Board

Feeling Cheesy

Cheese — Is there anything better? There’s no better excuse to indulge than with a charcuterie board. 

If you're entertaining for a few people we really recommend three types of cheese for your platter. Why not indulge? The classic combination is one hard, one soft (triple brie… yum) and one firm. Once it’s plated on your serving board no one will be able to tell your artisanal and supermarket cheeses apart! 

Set your cheeses slightly separated on the platter, leaving enough room for the rest of your goodies. Finish off with a selection of cheese knives. It’s great to have one per cheese. We don’t want the blue cheese knife being used on your camembert — disaster! 

Hosting during the cooler months? Take it to the next level and try baking a soft cheese. The perfect autumn warmer, toast your camembert or brie in our cheese baker.

Cheese cooked using Fromage Cheese Baker

Salty Sweet Goodness

It’s time to put the cured meats into your charcuterie. It’s pretty hard to go past your classics like prosciutto, salami and chorizo. It’s worth the trip to your local butcher or farmers market to really up your platter game. Fan out any meats near the cheese and finish off with a line of crackers. A fresh baguette brings some carby crunch to your serving board — just leave your knife block and chopping board close to cut more as you go. 

Now that you’ve done the essentials, it’s time for the finishing touches. Fill up any condiment bowls with your favourite nuts, dried fruits and olives. Blackberries, pistachios and raspberries make for a great wine and cheese pairing. Finish with a sprig of rosemary for some freshness.

Wine served in Salut Decanter. Cheese, fruit and meat served on Fromage Cheese Board

Artistic Flourish

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to let out your inner artist. Lovingly drape that bunch of grapes or strawberries, carefully fan out your biscuits and artfully arrange your cheeses. Pile your delicious treats high. Maybe even sneak a little bite. 

Place a small stack of side plates or small bowls near the end of the table where guests can easily grab one. No more awkwardly holding your cheese and wine glass in one hand.  Easy access to the cheese board goodies is essential!

Fromage Cheese Board and Cuvee Champagne Flutes

Once you’re done, it's time to pop some bubbly and get out your champagne glasses. Keep it handy on the table with your wine cooler and you’re home entertaining ready!

The best part about the charcuterie platter is that there are really no rules — other than making something delicious. 

Just make sure you snap some pics before it’s all gone!


Photography: @yow2, @lawstore & @visualco_



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