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Hunting for George x Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
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Hunting for George x Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Returning for the first time in three years with a full-strength program, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is one event that we always have marked in our calendar. At this year’s World’s Longest Brunch, we enlisted the help of long-time friend of salt&pepper and styling guru Lucy Glade-Wright from Hunting for George, to find out her top styling advice and shares with us her favourite things about Melbourne.

Lucy Glade-Wright from Hunting for George provides styling tips using salt&pepper homewares at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

In your opinion what do you think makes Melbourne one of the best places in the world for food and design?

Melbourne celebrates creativity more than most other Australian cities and there is a real passion and desire for great experiences. Being exposed to so many different cultures in Melbourne creates a wide platform for creatives to learn, experiment and draw inspiration from. This in-turn sets the bar pretty high when it comes to food and design, and only continues to get stronger.

Tell us about your insider tips to Melbourne and your favourite places to eat and why?
The designer in me loves it when all aspects of a food experience are considered. The interiors, lighting, menu, and service, all serve in creating an unforgettable experience. Some of my favourites are Carter Lovett, Lune, Moonhouse, Mya Tiger and Copycat but honestly, my favourite place to visit (and eat) is the South Melbourne Market. It’s sensory overload and I love it!

When it comes to setting up a garden grazing table, what elements are a must to make it perfect every time? i.e. a centrepiece, layering textures, glassware, any other homewares pieces?
More is more when it comes to grazing, you want to create an abundant display for the senses. It’s all about layering - both food and home décor. Start with order and create a base, then fill in the gaps. Don’t be afraid to go over the top, fill your platters with food and top up your table with different textures. Think glassware, napkins, and natural elements like flowers and greenery in vases. Don’t forget about condiment dishes to hold all your snacks.

The perfect outdoor tablescape styled with salt&pepper homewares

What are your tips and tricks when it comes to setting up and styling a home bar for entertaining?

Make sure that it’s practical, think about what drinks you’ll have on offer and have all the elements that you need prepped and ready to go. Sliced citrus and herbs look great on a bar but are also functional. It’s always a good idea to have a non-alcoholic drink in a large pitcher, like the Bond Surry Dispenser to make sure your guests stay hydrated. And you might like to continue your table theme onto your bar, perhaps adding some Arlo Napkins, Novaro Boards and Salut Glassware that match your table setting.

Can you share any exciting HFG projects we should keep an eye out for/or any fun design trends you’re seeing for 2023?
We have a lot of new home tours and home renovations coming to our YouTube. I’m excited to get stuck into some quick and easy cosmetic fixes around my own home. As for trends, there is certainly a real love for vintage nostalgia at the moment with interiors, as well as sustainable design and showcasing individualism a lot more, moving away from the ‘perfect’ picture but rather embracing more of your personality in your own space.

Bond Tumblers and Atlas Cocktail Set

To check out the latest from Hunting for George as they breakdown their favourite renovations from properties in the Snowy Mountains to the beach front in Lorne. Be sure to watch their full series here and visit the @saltandpepperhome Instagram page for more spring and summer styling inspiration! You can also shop our salt&pepper marketplace from World’s Longest Brunch here.

Project: The Beach House @huntingforgeorge / Hunting for George
Interior Design & Styling: @lucygladewright / Lucy Glade-Wright
Photography & Video: @summer_slay / Jonno Rodd



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