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What Winter Is... to Sarah Pickersgill-Brown

What Winter Is... to Sarah Pickersgill-Brown

Recently Sarah Pickersgill-Brown and her family spent a cosy winter night in by the open fire, toasting marshmallows and enjoying a wholesome feast with their salt & pepper homewares and winter woollies.

Maid Breakfast Tray, bread served on Linden Footed Platter and soup served in Bowl Food

It has taken becoming a mother and owning our own home to really enjoy winter and all the cosy moments this romantic season has to offer. We keep the house toasty warm, often lighting the open fire in the evenings as well as keeping the heating on high around the clock.

Our home has beautiful natural light in every room so no matter the cloudy sky, everywhere indoors is light and bright.

Winter mornings

I love that my mornings consist of dropping the boys at school wearing fleece lined boots and a snug tracksuit instead of dressy attire and commuting into the city with crowds of others in morning traffic. My work is fitted in around Elbie’s naps at home, the pace is relaxed and enjoyable, with time to cook hearty lunches and drink hot cups of tea.

Hot chocolate served in Naoko Mug

Favourite winter moments

Open fires
As a child we stayed with family friends on their farm most school holidays and during winter we would light bonfires in the evening & cook potatoes in their jackets in the fire ashes wrapped in tin foil and drink Mums famous vegetable soup in mugs under the starry sky. It's memories like these I get excited to recreate for the boys, even when it’s using our open fire at home to recreate the magical experience.

Nature watching
I have such fond memories of driving up to the Dandenong Ranges in the winter months to watch the super tall trees zoom past our windows shrouded in fog. We stop off at the old Piggery, order hot takeaway drinks and watch the pigs roll in the mud. There are building blocks made of sponge which the boys build into huts and roads and whatever other invention their little imaginations dream up?!

Staying indoors
Movie nights indoors are always a big hit in winter, we set up our projector with a white blackout blind as the screen, make popcorn to share and choose a movie we all enjoy.

Sarah Pickersgill-Brown takes a photo in front of the mirror with her children

Park visits
Whenever the sun shines, we rug up and head to a local park with the scooters. The boys rocket down hills and don’t seem fazed with the subsequent hike back up to the top for another thrill ride down. One park nearby has a flying Fox which keeps them entertained for what feels like forever. There is an enormous hill of grass and old trees which they climb and build huts with the fallen sticks and twigs. There are almost always other little friends there to play with and help in the construction of their houses.

Board games
Some weekends we drive to the sea and eat fish ’n’ chips in the boot of our car while the seagulls circle above. Our family is mad for board games, Settlers Of Catan and cards are the winning choices for pleasing everyone. If all is quiet and the boys are nowhere to be found in the family rooms, you’ll likely find them listening to an audio story, figuring out a puzzle, drawing or reading books in their bedroom. All of this made even better by our favourite hot soups with warm buttery bread.

Recreate Sarah's cosy set up with her top salt&pepper winter picks

Naoko Mug, Linden Footed Platter, Maid Breakfast Tray and Bowl Food Condiment Dish

1. Maid Rectangle Breakfast Tray
A must have essential for winter dining, whether you’re serving a warm breakfast in bed or indulging in a cheese platter by the fireplace!

2. Naoko Mugs
Featuring the perfect rounded curve to warm your frosty hands, the Naoko mugs are a winter home staple to sip and enjoy your favourite cuppa soup, morning brew or hot chocolate snuggled up on the coach.

3. Bowl Food Dishes
Winter is all about big generous servings and these Bowl Food Dishes are a favourite to serve a hearty soup or delicious warm bowl of pasta.

4. Signature Napkins
The finishing touch to add extra warmth and texture, the Signature Napkins are perfect for every occasion made from soft absorbent cotton and great for a pop of colour when entertaining this season.

Sarah's go-to Hearty Vegetable Soup

What is winter without a warm bowl of soup and fresh crusty bread? Try this family favourite and enjoy served in your Bowl Food Soup Bowls for the perfect winter family dinner.

Whatever your winter warmer go-to is and for more inspiration, be sure to check out the winter essentials range for that perfect coffee mug or soup bowl to help get you through the chilly month with your family and loved ones!



Recipe & Photography: @sarahpickersgillbrown



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